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Be the Architect a More Powerful Existence this Year.

- with Matthew Patti -

What is ‘Rewire Your Future’ LIVE ?

Two times every month Matthew Patti offers a live content-rich class, followed by an opportunity for you to ask him a question directly. These classes are up to 90 minutes in length. However, based on the depth of the questions being discussed some sessions may go over this time.

This is your opportunity to have your life upgrade questions answered live, in real time in an energy-rich online environment with other reality shapers, just like you.

During each session Matthew will introduce new content to help you:

  • Deepen your understanding of the quantum field and realms of energy and frequency
  • Break free from the old energetic ties that bind you to past experiences
  • Reshape your personal reality in new previously uncharted ways for greater personal happiness, stability and fulfilment
  • Transcend the old personal belief structures and operating systems that consciously and unconsciously steer your identity, behaviour and choices
  • Rewire your mind and body to your Ultimate Preferred Reality in any and all read of your life
  • Become a living embodiment of your desired life and achieve lasting changes in yourself
  • Access the library of possibilities that exist within and around you at all times

The live classes are held on the second and fourth Tuesday (USA/CAN) or, Wednesday (AUS/NZ) of the month, unless an amended date is posted.

The NEXT CLASS will commence on the following day/ time specific to your local timezone:

Tuesday 16 JUNE, 2020:  
8PM (ET)
7PM (CT)
6PM (MT)

Wednesday 17 JUNE, 2020:
10AM (SYD)
12 NOON (NZ)

** If you cannot make the LIVE calls, we have you covered **

Every call is recorded and sent to you within a few hours after the session finishes, so you'll have plenty of time to connect, immerse yourself and play with the content and meditations.

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Let me ask you this…  

Where is your energy right now?  

You are essentially like a mega-powerful radio transmitter.

Opportunities are attracted to you at the same frequency that you are emitting to the field.

So, take this moment to check in with yourself.

What energy are you emitting, and where is it being focused, or directed?

Is your focus constantly on all the areas you feel aren't working so well in your life?

Or, are you investing in experiencing a brighter, more meaningful, fulfiling and abundant reality for yourself and those you love?

Either way...  

REWIRE YOUR FUTURE™ is going to be extremely profound in shifting your energy and attuning it to the frequency of your "preferred" reality.  

It's like the "missing piece" to your dream life-business puzzle, that needs to be in place if you really desire change and transformation...  

And, not to mention the collective energy of the group of people coming together….  


But, you will have to experience it for yourself.  

So if you are ready to stop playing ‘hooky’ with your power and you fancy joining us...

I encourage you to REGISTER NOW!

The content I will be sharing has only ever been shared with my inner circle of Alchemists and cannot be found online or in “normal" circles.  

It is very well timed and designed to help you REWIRE a more powerful existence.  

Sounds super exciting, doesn’t it?  

Own Your Power. 

When you don't own your power, you are instead choosing to give it away to other people, external events and circumstances. It is essenitally like jumping onto a rollercoaster that is being directed by all things around you, rather than you being in control and taking lead of where you want to go.

The sub-conscious belief that you are partially disempowered does not equate to attracting elevated experiences, nor does it serve you in achieving your personal vision or accelerating your life and business success this year.

Recognise that the life you live is 100% your responsibility. You have the power to influence and effect positive change in your world.

This is GREAT news!

Once you acknowledge this, and begin living more fully in this potential, magic happens!  

Lift the lid On Your 'Super Human Potential'.

Mastery is not a 'dreamy, unobtainable' goal or destination. 

Mastery is simply the result of making a decision to live an empowered, supercharged, high vibrational life and, aligning your daily actions to match your vision. 

Belief in self must be activated first. 

"If you can dream a painting, you can paint your dream, too". 

Everyday you are presented with choice.

From this moment forward, choose to own your mastery and hold yourself accountable for designing a life exactly as you envision it. 

It's time for you to reclaim the authority of your own life.

More Peace. More happiness. More Joy.

Picture the life you live now. 

If I told you, this is the life you will be living for the next 5, 10, 15 + years, how would that make you feel? 

Is it a future that excites you?

Perhaps, you'd prefer to tweak a process, or two, to change the tragectory of the results you experience in the future.

If so, I know deep down the content, strategies and tools you'll be receiving will help shift your energy and life forward in leaps and bounds.

I know this to be true...

Because I have witnessed lives change dramatically as a result of crystallising ones focus towards intentionally creating a life brimming with freedom and abundance - and wish the same for you too. 

What's holding you back isn't nearly as powerful as
what's calling you forward.


Investment only $49 USD per month!

The key is to own your energy, and focus it in the 'right' places, so that you can begin living the life you've always dreamed of.  

About Matthew

Matthew Patti is the founder of Innerversal Academy™ and creator of the renowned Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program. Admired among his peers as a visionary, futurist, modern mystic and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew has built multiple companies over the past 25 years applying his unique blend and understanding of metaphysical principles with business strategy to help Conscious Coaches, Consultants and Digital Entrepreneurs scale their business and consciousness - as the New Emerging Bread of World Shapers.

His mission is to help awaken and activate higher levels of consciousness and "Super Human" potential within - transcending out-dated models of "doing" - rising to new heights of personal performance and achievement so together, we can positively influence, impact and contribute to advancing the human race using our unique gifts, talents and abilities. You can learn more about Matthew's work by visiting him at or finding him on Facebook or Linked In.


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